How about having your wedding ceremony over the holidays? Well, people might try to discourage you, even some guest will tell you they’ve got many commitments with family and friends. Do not worry its time to bring both of your families together and plan your big day…

Meaning that you can have your wedding on Thanksgiving weekend or the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Note that choosing a holiday period to get married also has its downsides, but there are more advantages and reasons for saying your vow on a major holiday. Read on:

1.    It is easier to remember your anniversary

Tying the knot on a significant holiday makes it easier to commemorate your anniversary especially for men. You can quickly forget other dates like April 18th, but if it’s a major holiday like Dec 25th, it becomes easy for you to remember the date. This is even more beneficial if you will love to surprise your spouse on your anniversary or also go on a vacation during this time.

2.    Avoiding wedding season

Most people prefer to get married during the fall or spring season and if you decide to plan your wedding during this period as well, then get ready to spend more. But, during the holiday, there will be vast options to choose from helping you to save and reduce cost. All you have to do is to research for a wedding planners, caterers, Deejays, florists, bridal boutiques and bridal shops to make the right choice. You will also be able to skip high price tags if you have a holiday wedding, as most wedding professionals will be available at a cheaper rate.

3.    Loved ones may think that your plans are more important than theirs.

You might set your wedding dates months before the day, and some of your guests might assure you that they don’t have plans for that day, but that doesn't mean you should take that day for your own in advance. The reason is that you are asking your guest to forgone their plans and forgo spending that time with relatives – in favor of you and your beloved. Whatever choice you make, be it a big affair or small one you will be taking someone away from their family or making them make a difficult decision.

4.    Your guest will merry

This is a holiday season, with celebration and decoration all around, your wedding will find everyone in their best mood, making your special day more fun. Having a holiday wedding is one of the reasons why your wedding will be unforgettable.