I am so very excited about the wedding cake trends in 2015. If you haven’t seen any painted cakes, chalkboard cakes, naked cakes or scraped Ganache cakes I suggest you keep reading. The wedding cakes that we will be seeing in 2015 are truly amazing. I mean, the creativity and originality these cakes bring are unmatched by anything we’ve seen in the cake business so far. So read through and take a look at some of the most amazing cake trends coming to a wedding near you.

Painted Wedding Cake: The painted wedding cake takes design and art to the next level. With an endless palette and limited only by the creativity of the wedding cake designer, the painted cake is truly a work of art.

Chalkboard Cakes: The calkboard wedding cake is exactly what it sounds like; a wedding cake made to resemble a chalkboard. This type of wedding cake is a chalkboard right down to the last detail, with what appears to be smudged chalk and uneven chalk lines.

Naked Wedding Cakes: A naked wedding cake is exactly what it sounds like; a cake with no frosting that is, essentially, naked, or unfrosted, so that what you see is the actual exposed cake and filling between layers. This elegant wedding cake trend adds a simplicity and beauty that you might not be expecting.

Scraped/Turned Cakes: This crude cake frosting style has been around for centuries, but not until recently has it become so sought after for wedding cakes. The scraped/turned cake is one where the frosting has been scraped with a large knife or special frosting tool as the cake is turned 360 degrees. The final effect is a beautifully basic pattern of smooth and rough edges.

If these photos don’t simply blow you away in terms of what wedding cake trends will be like in 2015, I’d be very surprised. Talk to your cake designer today about the possibilities for your wedding cake.