We've covered Fall wedding trends quite a few times, but you really can never have enough ideas when the weather is so beautiful here in Gilbert, Arizona. 

We went through some of the top wedding blogs this morning to find some additional autumn wedding trends that are worth taking a look at...

From Fashionista:


From frothy, tulle layers to fondant swirls to soft, delicate hems, ruffles ruled the runways in various quantities, sizes and aesthetics — from country club princess to surfer girl to avant-garde fashion nerd.


Rich metallics glimmered on the bridal runways in various formats: gilded embroidery, mirrored silver beading and sequins, blindingly sparkly (and anything-but-tacky) crystal embellishments and full-on gold brocade. 

From Brides.com:

Unique, Personalized Menus

Instead of having the usual dinner option of steak or fish, the new trend is to have food that fits in with the bride or groom's culture (or just liking!). Whether it's having a BBQ bar or appetizers that encompass one specific genre of food while the main course is another, it's become quite trendy to mix and match food, serving cuisine that appears to have come straight from the couple's favorite restaurant.

Craft Cocktails

Signature cocktails have been a trend for years at weddings, but the newest trend is doing more craft-style cocktails that look like they came straight out of an episode of Mad Men. In addition to an open bar that serves liquor, beer, and wine, couples are employing a classic cocktail bar where they can order drinks that look like they are straight from the '60s.

From Elle:


Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.35.22 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.36.11 AM.png

If you can't tell, autumn is one of our most favorite times of year here at Val Vista Lakes!! Have you scheduled your walk through yet?