You know everything about the cake, the wedding dress, the venue and the flowers. You know everything there is to know about the music that will be playing, at what time, and with what appetizers. 

But, it's always the simplest of wedding details that seem to get overlooked. You're so worried about the big stuff that its' the small stuff that gets forgotten. 

So, today I want to remind you of some of the little tips that can make all the difference for your Gilbert wedding...

RSVP with Favorite Song: Let your guests pick their favorite songs! When they RSVP to your wedding, you don't have to worry about going through your DJ's playlist. Count the RSVP and at the same time add the song to your list. It's so easy!

Wearing a Bra: This is the last thing you'll be thinking about, but if your everyday bra is not the same as your wedding bra, consider not wearing a bra on your wedding least until it's time to get ready. Your everyday bra could leave marks that might be plainly visible when you put on your wedding dress.

It Sounds Strange: Yes, it sounds very strange, but the easiest way to  pee in your wedding dress is to sit backwards and have a bridesmaid hold the train out the door. You don't want that thing touching the ground in the bathroom. Of course, your best bet is to use the restroom before you put on your wedding dress. 

Save Dinner: Talk to your caterer or chef and have them put aside some food just for you. This is your wedding, and you probably won't eat much because you'll be too busy socializing. So, have the chef set aside your favorite appetizers and the meal. When you get home at the end of the night, you can actually enjoy eating dinner together.

Remember, sometimes it's the smallest of details that slip through the cracks. Talk to your Val Vista Lakes wedding coordinator for more information.