Ok, so we're not officially into Fall, but around here (here being Gilbert, Arizona) we tend to fast-foward in our heads to Fall just to escape the heat.

With the temperatures starting to come down jsut a tad here in the desert, we're really amping up our posts dealing with Autumn and Fall wedding ideas, and today we've got a great one for you.

Everyone uses pumpkins and Fall leaves in their vintage October wedding. It's been done.

But, I have found some unique, and tasty, ways to kepe pumpkins in your Fall wedding without being too cliche.

Unique Pumpkin Wedding Ideas

I truly love this wedding ring photo idea. Sure, it's a pumpkin. But have you seen a photo like this before? The photo itself is unique!

Ok, now come on. How can you not have tiny, bite-sized pumpkin pie cakes at your wedding?!

Check out this awesome table setting for your Fall wedding! I mean, they even included a seasonal beer right there, on the table, ready for the tasting. What a great way to integrate Fall colors, pumpkins, and probably a pumpkin beer!

I just thought that this pumpkin wedding addition was flipping adorable:

Can we just say MMmmmmmmm!

How about pumpkin spread or butter as a wedding favor? I don't know about you, but my family is obsessed with pumpkin butter from Schnehp Farms!

Ok, who doesn't want a pumpkin beer keg for their Fall wedding? Just kidding, this might not be for everyone, but it is a very unique idea for your Autumn wedding:

So, there are a billion ways to take your Fall wedding, with it's cliche pumpkin theme, to the next level with some pretty unique ideas!

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