If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Arizona and you are worried about your cake melting, then read on. Many brides ask questions about how they can protect their cake from the hot sun and elements like dirt, bugs, and leaves during the hot weather without it looking tacky. One thing you don’t want is covering your cake entirely because of the weather after you might have spent money on your gorgeous cake. Read on to see some of the tips to protect wedding cake outdoors without covering its loveliness.

1.    Place under a Pavilion or Tent

Placing your cake under a tent or pavilion will help keep it away from the hot sun and clear of the elements. Also, make sure it’s always in the shade, and you can add citronella candles in luminary bags around the pathway or near your tent entrance to deter most of the pests.

2.    Make use edible wafer paper

Using icing for flowers is not a good idea for hot weather; instead, make use of edible wafer paper to make my flowers. It has the look and feel of paper, but it is light and airy, and the best part is they will not melt or wilt as sugar flowers will do during the heat. You can also make use of flowers if you have the long drying times for the flowers to be ready, as they are also lighter than sugar and have a significant advantage.

3.    Ask your baker to use faux tiers for your wedding cake

A cake that carries weight tend to melt faster, and this can lead to disaster. However, making use of faux tiers, on the other hand, will help accelerate the cutting of your cake and also improve your cake stay in place. You won't have to dissemble any outside cake as only the faux tiers removed for a straight bottom tier cut.

4.    Put a Lid on It

Another great option is to place your cake under a cake dome, especially if your cake is a small one-tier cake.  Place on cake stands and place a dome on top of each one if you have multiple one-tier cakes.

5.    Plan ahead

Planning is very important, so the great idea is to keep your cake on dry ice and avoid placing your cake outdoors until its closer to the reception time. Also, bring the rest of the cake indoors once the pieces are cut and served and be sure to avoid a filling that won’t spoil easily.