We all want the best possible wedding venue for that special day. 

Of course, we're biased and believe Val Vista Lakes, with our waterfall backdrop, Holiday Mountain and beachfront property, is the best wedding venue in the valley.

But, for the sake of this blog, let's pretend that you haven't picked Val Vista Lakes for your Gilbert wedding. If that were the case, these wedding venue search tips should help you find the best venue for you!

1.    Wedding date: The more versatile you are, the greater your choice of places. Keep in mind that Saturdays in high season get reserved easily so consider Sundays or even Fridays. You will benefit from affordable prices too. 

2.    Ceremony opportunities at the venue: Do you want a cathedral wedding or will you be looking for wedding places can hold a municipal wedding as well as a reception? When you are going to wedding places ensure that you look at the space where the wedding will take the position as well as the wedding reception desk. You may fall madly for each other with the venue as a whole, but the wedding space needs to feel really unique for the ideal wedding.

3.    A number of guests: Naturally, if you expect 100 wedding guests you need to recognize places can hold 100 visitors and preferably more to prevent the chance of compressing platforms together.

4.    Wedding Images:  Wedding pictures are a significant part of your big day. Many people select wedding places with excellent photography places so that wedding photos can be taken without having to go elsewhere. There are many wedding places have unique places created for this objective, so ensure that you check them out! Consider even bringing your wedding photographer with you!

5.    Wedding Location: If most of your friends and family are coming from the road, or out of town, location may be an issue, or not, as long as there is somewhere close by for them to stay. Some wedding couples really like the concept of keeping it all close to home, so as to prevent too much driving around on the day. On the other hand, if you have selected a particular type of wedding venue, such as a seaside wedding, then this will reduce the quantity of possible places instantly.

No matter where you choose to have your wedding, it will be amazing! It will be the most emotional, exciting, memorable day of your life. Make it count at the venue of your dreams!