Your wedding rehearsal is very important because it is a chance for you to practice how your Arizona wedding ceremony will happen. The wedding rehearsal is usually done a day or two before the actually wedding day.

Once the rehearsal is complete, it is time for the dinner and drinks. However, before you can relax and have a few drinks, here are some tips to help you make sure your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are flawless.

Who Will Do What?

First you will want to pair up your bridal party, and decide who will walk with whom the day of your Arizona wedding. If by chance the sides are uneven and there are more bridesmaids to groomsmen, or vice versa, it is ok to have two of one paired with one of the other. Next, take this time to practice the procession and decide how you will enter and exit the ceremony.

You will want to decide how the bridal party will enter the ceremony. You can choose to have the best man standing at the altar with the groom, all the groomsmen at the altar with the groom, or all the bridesmaids and groomsmen come in together. When it comes to the reception decide if you will be doing a receiving line or not. If you choose to do a receiving line, decide who will be a part of it.

Typically the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and the parents of both bride and groom, will be a part of the line.

Review the Events

There will be a lot going on at your Arizona wedding, so be sure to go over the order of events with the officiate before the rehearsal dinner that way you are not scrambling the day or two before, trying to figure out what it is you want and don’t want.

Briefly run over the events that will take place on your Arizona wedding day with the bridal party and both sets of parents during the rehearsal, this way they have an idea of how the day will be going. Discuss with the wedding party and parents where they need to go after the ceremony, whether they need to stick around for pictures or not, or if those will be done a little later.