2019/2020 winter wedding cakes are all about being simple and subtle rather than bold and over the top. While some prefer bold weddings and wedding cakes, the overall trend of 2019/2020 winter wedding tends to be leaning in the opposite direction. Below are some ideas for winter wedding cakes that you may want to consider for your big day:

·      Half-Frosted Cakes with Berry Garnishes: One variety of simple cakes that has taken the cake for trendsetting this year is simplistic and half-frosted cakes with part of the base showing through with fruit accents. The cutest little winter cake could be topped with some frozen strawberries and blueberries to give it that perfect, frosted feel.

·      White and Gold Edging: If you are leaning towards a simpler cake but still want it to pop another winter trend this year is to add gold accents such as edging or designs to your white cake to give it that little pop.

·      Rustic Cakes with Crystals: Crystals have been on the minds of many this last year, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. This winter, a big trend that is being implemented is woodland or rustic looking cakes with berries and topped with the crystal of your choice.

·      Pinecone and Fern Accents: What better way to embrace the outdoor winter feel than frosted pinecones and ferns? You can take a simple white cake and top the layers with some ‘snow-covered’ pinecones and call it a day.

·      Nearly Naked Cakes: Along with the half-frosted trend comes the nearly naked trend. These are similar, but the nearly naked cakes have a lot more of the base peeking through. With these types of cakes, many people are adding the accents they want to make their cake stand out and fit their styles.