Let’s discuss about new wedding styles which are trending across USA in 2019.

White & Greenery

Minimalistic design & eco-friendliness are among the top wedding trend in Arizona. Combination of these two is getting very popular in Arizona. A lot of white with accents of lush greenery where urban meets rustic. It enables natural beauty & the light of the venue to shine through.


For decades Roses were ruling the Wedding ceremony but the new trend is Dahlia to break the stereotype. The new queen ruling wedding is Dalhia which comes with vibrant range of colors 7 shapes. Either to add texture to flower design or decoration, Dalhia is the best suit.

Sunset Color

The blush & gold trend is overdone & as such, should be avoided. Sunset colors are much better option in 2019. Yellow, oranges, pinks & purples are bright & eye catching. They also create a romantic look that can be tailored to any season- go with deep pinks & purples for winter & bright oranges & yellows for Spring.

70’s Flair

Seventies designs are back in fashion for wedding. From blouson dress to jump suits with a different verity of costumes are back in the pattern. The fringe fashion is now outdated and boho bride will rule. Boho look will help you putting up front.


These light weight feathers add glamour to the outfit. Add a look to the grown or dress with the proper placement. Feathers are now getting very popular among the brides & grooms for wedding. Feathers are replacing the traditional wedding suits.

Colored Wedding Décor

From traditional white & cream, couples are going for Red, Pink, and Orange either in couple suits to floral designs. Bright colors are replacing classical white. Colored shades are the new & rebel trend among couples.

Natural Make-up

Show off your bridal glow natural with minimal make-up. It’s very important to prepare your skin every night to get rid of the toxins that build up over the course of each day. Generally the preparation starts before six weeks before the big day.

Cinderella Ballgowns

Brides wanting Cinderella moment will know what exactly there looking for, the biggest ballgown in the store. You are not afraid to make that grand entrance on your big day & you sure as heck won’t let anyone tell you that the dress is too poufy. The dress which make you feel like a princes on you big day.