A wedding is truly about a couple looking towards their future together. Now a day’s couples finds new ways to make “The Magical Moments” memorable forever. Bride & Groom try to find unique ways to celebrate the most important day of their life. Expert’s things there are some new trends which are going viral in 2019. Let’s discuss about the current wedding trends.


Every couple wants their dear ones to witness the “Big Day” of their life, but due to busy schedule some of the dear ones miss the chance. Hence weddings are taking place on Sunday after a weekend celebration.

Outdoor Wedding

More & more couples now prefer bringing nature in the wedding. Tailored greeneries are replacing the rustic & vintage motifs. Rather than artificial decoration, couples prefer to make the event as natural as possible to bring Nature in the event.

Real Floral Accessories

Real Floral Jewelries are replacing the traditional jewelry. Gorgeous bib necklaces full of fresh blooms, succulent rings & cuffs, elegant orchid drop earrings. This is a unique live jewelry which is trending.

Themes & Vibes

The idea of Theme & Vibe is the new trend in wedding though wedding color is not out of fashion. Whether its vintage look or a homespun look that as comforting as your living room, wedding look find genius décor ideas to put it all together. Retro or high energy dance party or any other wild choices.

Designer Cakes

Bakers are opting unexpected design & size of the cakes for wedding. Sculptural is the name which is the given name of the theme cakes. These stunning designs are rich in color & texture.

Private Vows

Shy couple or don’t like the crowd?? Private vows are trending for such couples. Instead of sharing the intimate promises in front of crowd such couples choose private vows where bride & groom share their private promises here. Whisper your vows to your partner so only both of you know.

Custom Suit

Couples are getting crazy for custom suits rather than traditional wedding dresses. These bespoke creations are replacing the formal wedding suits. The next level customized Jackets, custom embroideries etc.

Band & DJ

Either to hire a team of band or DJ. But now you can have both the things. You can get the best of both, original artists & high energy equipments. Ask your DJ to spin your favorite hits with added benefit of live orchestra.