Whether you’re the maid of honor, or a bridesmaid, being a part of the wedding party can get expensive. But that’s ok, right? It’s your best friend’s wedding and you would do anything for her.

The thing is, it’s the third wedding that you’re going to this year, and the second bridal shower you’re hosting.

And so, even though you’d do anything for these ladies, you are starting to look for more budget-conscious bridal shower ideas.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

A Bridal Shower at Home
The most economical way to host a bridal shower is to actually host theshower at your home...if this is possible. The cost of renting out a space for the bridal shower will fall to you. If you’re looking to save a bit this time around, consider hosting it at your house, or a park.

This time of year in Arizona, a park would absolutely work!

If you live in an apartment, find out how much the clubhouse is to rent. Many times, apartment complexes will offer great rates, or even better, to apartment residents.

Costly Invitations
These days, you don’t have to send out paper invites to the bridal shower. Yes, it’s customary and traditional for the wedding couple to send out actual wedding invitations for their big day, but you are lucky enough that e-invites or Facebook invites will be completely acceptable.

However, if you choose to go this budget route with the invites, make sure that those who aren’t online (grandma, aunts, etc) still get the invitation.

The biggest concern for many hosts of bridal showers is the food. Should you have it catered? Should you order pizza? Should you cook? What is the protocol and how can you save money?

Honestly, bridal showers tend to include fancier finger foods, which you and anyone else helping with the party can do. Things like different varieties of bruschetta, different dips, caprisi salad, even sushi, can make the party enjoyable for everyone and not cost you an arm and a leg.

Drinks are the same. You can make your own, as long as they include a virgin version and an alcohol version. As long as you have some champagne for the toast, you’re good to go.

Some three-dollar bottles of red and white wine would help, and won’t break the bank.

As well as different juices and perhaps one liquor.

Don’t also have to break the bank. They can be simple and still get the job done. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the local party store, try Amazon!

If you’re hosting the bridal shower, don’t stress about budget or perfection. As long as everyone is together, it will be wonderful!