The idea behind a “wedding shower” for couples on the verge of their wedding is to have guests come and shower you with gifts as you begin your new lives together. Some couples who are planning their weddings in Arizona have been opting for the new trend of a honeymoon shower. This concept though, leaves the couples wondering how you can host an actual shower if there are no gifts being delivered to celebrate your impending nuptials. If you truly only need cash for items because you and your fiancé are combining households and are truly in no need of household items, it simply doesn’t make sense to register for gifts you don’t need or want.

Talk with your wedding party and family to get them on board with your honeymoon shower idea. Because honeymoon showers are a new trend, it could involve a bit of explanation. When inviting your friends and family to your honeymoon shower, explain what the shower is about and how their cash contributions will help you and your new husband experience a lifetime of memories on the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. Rather than offering you a set of wine glasses, cash will be more helpful as the two of you begin your lives together. 

Some couples opt to set up an account into which guests can simply make a deposit and this gives you access to it while on your honeymoon. Some of your friends or family may want to pay for something more tangible such as your airline tickets, or contributing toward the price of your hotel room. If your guests are comfortable with cash gifts, but still want to bring an item for you to unwrap, they might want to bring you something you can use on your honeymoon – a beach bag, ski gear, etc. There are individuals who simply don’t want to come to your party empty-handed so offer them options, but remind them that their cash gift is going toward an event you will remember for the rest of your lives – a honeymoon of a lifetime. 

Turn your honeymoon shower into a themed one. Incorporate the music, food and atmosphere of your honeymoon destination into your shower. Make the shower memorable by serving Parisian treats for a trip to France, set up some sand-filled wading pools if you’re going to have a tropical beach vacation and serve tropical drinks in coconuts or pineapples. With some planning and effort you can make your honeymoon shower as unique as the two of you are and make your shower an event your guests will long remember.