PIcking who you want to be in your bridal party can be exciting, or terrifying, depending on how you look at iti

You have that one friend who absolutely has to be on the list, and the one family member who's always been there for you...

But then you have the five other friends who you consider family, and the family members who you consider less than friends.

What do you do? How do you do it so that no one ends up hurt?

Choosing Bridesmaids

Step Number One: Think about it...think about it A LOT. Of course, you'll know who you want to stand beside you on the greatest day of your life. You've know for quite a few years who will be with you when you say "I Do." But, even though you know who that one person will be, you need to stop and just let it simmer for a while. Really think about who you want to stand beside you. Write their names down and review the list many times before you make your final decision.

Step Number Two: Determine how involved you want them to be in your wedding and wedding planning. Will they all be there drinking champaigne as you choose your wedding dress? Will they help with invitations, decorations and more? Or, on the flip side, are you simply looking for the girls to throw you an amazing bachlorette party and stand by you on your wedding day. The expectations that you have for your bridemaids will help you determine who to ask.

Step Number Three: We all have those family members who, out of respect, have to be in the wedding party. Hopefully you're close with your brothers and sisters, but if not it would still be a wonderful gesture to have them in your wedding. In Gilbert, at least, family is everything. And so, it's the right thing to do...have them in your wedding.

Step Number Four: Don't ask someone to be in your wedding simply because they had you in their wedding. That was their wedding, and this is your wedding. 

Step Number Five: Consider other roles for those friends and family who you just couldn't add to your bridesmaid list. You don't want feelings to get hurt, but they also need to understand that this is your wedding and many of the deciding factors depend on the wedding budget. So, if someone is going to feel left out because they weren't asked to be a bridesmaid, have them take on another role...perhaps usher, or DJ, or speech writer...consider other roles that are truly important.

Choosing the right wedding party can be tough. Sit on it for a while, think about it, talk it over with your partner, and do what's best for you...it's your wedding