Wedding photography is top of the list in terms of considerations for the best way to commemorate and capture such a special day. After all, your Arizona wedding is meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with memories that last a lifetime. But how do you capture these moments? Is it through the eye of a professional photographer or through the varied lenses of your guests? For some, it’s both, but instead of handing guests a disposable camera that might or might not make it back to you, some are opting to jump on the photo booth trend.

There are pros and cons to including a photo booth at your Arizona wedding. The obvious pro is that you will get a ton of photos of your guests and the more the event stretches on, the more candid the photos will get. This is a fun-loving way to capture the happiness of the day as you and your bridesmaids pile into the photo booth for a goofy faced shot and as people become more imbibed, the photos get sillier and sillier.

However, this is also the drawback to the inclusion of a photo booth in the big day because you may end up with a ton of shots of the same drunken group taking silly photos over and over again. With that said, some of these shots really end up being the most talked about and the ones that you will share with friends and family for years to come.

The cost can be significant as well; photo booths can run you anywhere from $500 to the thousands, depending on the company or individual with the booth and the props associated with the booth. This can be a significant cost to incur when you might still need to hire a professional photographer to capture some of the more intimate moments of your big day – from the first dance to the cutting of the cake. However, taken into consideration the amazing candid shots you'll get with a photo booth, as well as the wonderful sharing abilities that many photo booths now offer, we love the idea!

When you are planning your Arizona wedding, these are decisions to keep in mind when you are debating about whether to including a photo booth. If you are looking for fun and silly shots of family and friends, and have the extra cash on hand, then you might make the investment. However, if it comes down to the decision between the booth and a professional photographer, the professional is the way to go.