Nothing says summer very like the fourth of July. The poolside parties, the planned closets, the day in the sun—we express yes to all, regardless of whether your wedding falls on the occasion end of the week. All things considered (and regardless of whether not), It's an ideal opportunity to grasp the time tested shading plan and give your visitors an occasion to recollect.

Regardless of whether red, white, and blue are your preferred hues or not, we've looked through the web—and our most loved Instagram accounts!— for Independence Day motivation for you. From berry-shaded mark mixed drinks in gold-rimmed glasses to a lavish bunch that is streaming with blue and red silk strips, there's an approach to do fourth of July, your own particular manner. What's more, we need to state, these hues must be in style this year since discovering motivation was quite simple.

Dress happy

Bridesmaids: Have your bridesmaids don blue, red or a blend of the two. Include flies of red in the blooms or stay with all white. Utilize nautical stripe blue and white lace around the bunches.

Groomsman: Wear naval force suits with red ties or neckties. A fun detail is to have the folks all wear American banner socks.


Be inventive with your wedding menu by serving run of the mill American nourishments. Scaled down applications can incorporate smaller than usual burgers/sausage, little pb&j sandwiches, barbecued cheddar with tomato soup shooters, prepared macintosh and cheddar balls, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Serve lemonade and frosted tea in artisan containers with striped straws, have signature mixed drinks that fit the energetic topic.

For pastry, you could serve small scale pies, a bare cake with berries, red velvet cupcakes or even treats. Late night s'mores are a fun treat in the event that you have a blaze or fire pit at your scene.


Consider respecting any fallen military family with remembrance candles at the service site. Tie a devoted strip around a basic white column flame, and add a name card name to respect the individuals who have served our nation.

Great vehicle escape

Make your escape in a great American vehicle. Lease a vintage vehicle or retro muscle vehicle to end the night on a paramount note. Remember to tie red and blue strips to the back for an impeccably enthusiastic escape.

We trust you'll consider including a pinch of American pride to your enormous day, regardless of whether you're getting married this end of the week or some other day of the year. Our Austin Texas wedding setting wishes you a cheerful (and safe!) occasion end of the week, and we genuinely thank the people who have relinquished their lives for our opportunity. We have the most profound appreciation for your administration and penance.