We recently posted a blog on the topic of creating your own royal wedding here in Gilbert, Arizona. It's not difficult, simply create that allure of royalty, and with our waterfall backdrop and sparkling gazebo, it's a piece of cake!

Today, let's dive a bit deeper into some royal wedding trends that will make your Gilbert wedding truly magical...

(from allfreediyweddings.com)

Gold: What says "royal" more than gold, silver, and jewels? Nothing. That's why these DIY royal wedding ideas are perfect for dressing up your wedding day to royal levels of glitzy beauty. These royal wedding theme decor ideas are the real gold standard of wedding and reception decor. From fine details to breathtaking statement pieces, these DIY wedding ideas will make your wedding day shine with all the royal beauty you could ask for.

Flowers: Flowers are a very important part of any bride's wedding day. Your flower arrangements are where you can really show off your wedding style, whether it's elegant and dramatic, or breezy boho chic. Roses or peonies, baby's breath or eucalyptus. Choosing just the right wedding flowers idea is crucial to expressing your unique wedding theme to your guest. And it's even more important for a royalty wedding theme, since your flowers must express elegance and refinement fit for a queen. 

Decor: From stunning invitations to guest book details, you'll take your guests' breath away with DIY wedding ideas this beautiful. These stunning details will wrap you and your guests in jaw-dropping elegance that will make your royal wedding an unforgettable one. Because only royalty would think of wedding decor ideas this elegant and timeless. You'll be a princess for a day, and you'll never forget how queenly your royal wedding ideas made you feel.  

Make your royal wedding in Gilbert the talk of the town!