Yesterday we took some time to focus on our heroes and their Arizona weddings. No, we’re not talking about heroes from the Super Bowl, we talking about the real thing, those heroes who fight for our freedom every single day. When they come back to their hometown to be with family and friends, probably most of which they haven’t seen in quite some time, it’s definitely a celebration.

The Military Reception
If anyone knows military members or is from a military family, you know they like to let loose. Male or female, young or old, being able to relax and have fun is something that, while most of us take for granted, members of the military soak it up.

This part if fairly simple, and thanks to the military members’ ranks, the seating is a piece of cake. According to, at the ceremony, the bride or groom's commanding officer and spouse may sit in the front pew if the parents are not present. Or, the commanding officer may sit near or with the family. Flag and general officers are customarily seated just behind the two families. 

Military Wedding Cake
While the non-military members of the family might call for a more traditional wedding cake, the other half might want something a little more red, white and blue. To appease all sides of this argument consider having a groom’s cake. The groom’s cake can have that military flare, sticking to military tradition with an American flagged draped across the top. 

One of the best parts of a military wedding is the cake cutting ceremony. Though it most commonly occurs at Marine Corps weddings, here are the details of a “military cake cutting ceremony.”

At a wedding, an officer, warrant or staff noncommissioned officer passes his sword and presents it to his bride, by laying the sword over his left forearm, cutting edge away from the body, hilt towards the bride. The bride takes the sword and cuts the wedding cake, with the groom's right hand resting over hers on the sword's hilt and with his left arm free to place around his bride. (Note: To preclude damaging the sword's blade, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned prior to returning it to the scabbard.)

Military Discounts
Wherever you are having your ceremony, buying your flowers, getting your dress made, having your cake baked, and planning your honeymoon, as about military discounts! The men and women of the military give their lives for the U.S., you’d be surprised how many wedding vendors and honeymoon destinations will offer amazing discounts to members of the military.