Memorial Day is not only about backyard bbq's and heading to the lake. Memorial Day is about honor and sacrifice, and for our Gilbert military families, Memorial Day is ad ay to remember. Having your wedding on Memorial Day weekend is a great way to honor those in your military family who might not be able to join you on this joyous occasion. 

Here are some tips we've pulled together from our own Memorial Day wedding experience as well as from across the internet...

Give Plenty of Notice


Everyone loves a holiday weekend! Which means if you are planning to get your loved ones to come out to your wedding for Memorial Day, give them plenty of notice so they don’t plan something else.

How About a Monday Wedding?

You have the entire weekend (and Monday) to celebrate, so why not plan for a Monday wedding? Most venues will charge an additional fee for Saturday/Sunday weddings (especially on a holiday weekends). Since you are planning a Memorial Day Weekend wedding, you can get away with hosting a Monday wedding. This will not only save a couple bucks, but you can lead-up to the main event with a welcome brunch and/or rehearsal BBQ with everyone that came out to attend your wedding.


Of course, you can always go with red, white, and blue for your Memorial Day wedding...



There's just something about military wedding photography that takes beautiful to a whole new level...



Honoring Family

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who we've lost in service. What better way to honor those family members than by sharing a moment with them on your wedding day?



There are many ways to celebrate your wedding over Memorial Day weekend. Don't forget to schedule your tour of Val Vista Lakes today!