When it comes to making that guest list for your wedding day, it can come as more of a stressor than say, choosing your wedding colors or cake. You will want to sit down with your fiance and decide how many people you want to invite. Will you invite just family and friends, or just family, or just close family? These are all things you need to think about. The size of your wedding venue will also play a role in the number of people you plan on inviting, that is if you have chosen your wedding venue before having an estimated head count. 

However, do remember this, if you and you fiance are paying for the wedding all by yourself, than you have the final say as to who is invited and who is not. But, if you are receiving financial help from either set of parents, then they will want a say in who they want to invite and who should be invited. So, you will want to make sure that the both of you are ok with invite suggestions that your parents will have. 

Although, you do want to invite all your friends and family to celebrate your big day with you, you have to be realistic and remember that you have a budget that you need to try and stay within. Making a guest list can be stressful and the numbers can add up rather quickly. Make some rules or guidelines for the invite list as you create it. For example, do you want a no kids wedding, do you still really talk or hang out with someone that you are thinking about inviting, if it has been several years since you have spoke or hung out, chances are you probably should not add them to the list. You will also want to avoid inviting someone just because you feel guilty if you don't.