The countdown to your wedding is reaching an end and the big day is almost here. You have stressed through the entire wedding planning, but the stressing i snot over yet.

You still have a few lat minute wedding details that need to be done before you are stress free. 

A couple weeks before:

  • You will want to call your wedding venue and confirm the date and time and any other details with them, in order to make sure that there will be no miscommunication as to what is suppose to happen that day. 
  • Call and confirm the date, time, and other fine details with your other wedding vendors
  • Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to get your marriage license. Some states you can get your license the day you simply walk in and apply and others take a week or two to obtain.
  • Along with calling all of your vendors to verify details, check to make sure that all payments have been made and no balances are left waiting for you on the big day.
  • Write down a "day of" itinerary for yourself, fiance, and wedding party, so everyone is on the same page and not running around last minute, trying to get stuff done and hurrying to get ready.
  • If you plan on leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, give yourself time to pack before your wedding and have a designated person be in charge of getting your bags to you before leaving.

The day before:

  • Choose someone your trust, to be in charge of all the legal documents.
  • Have someone take your gown and everything you need in order to get ready for the big day to the location the day before, this way if you happen to forget something, you still have time to gather it.

Making sure you take care of these last minute things, will help in making your wedding day run smooth and flawless, at least that is the plan.