Welcome to engagement season!

You're ready...you're waiting...and you know the question is coming...

...and you just have to sit back, be patient and, well, wait.

We've written blogs about how to propose and when to propose, but this time around I want to talk about how you, the proposie, can not ruin the proposal...seriously.

Be Patient

You know he's going to ask, so relax.

Your best friend just got engaged? That's wonderful, for her. Your soon-to-be fiance is making sure that everything is perfect, and trust is a major part of your relationship. 


So, you found the ring receipt and know he has it somewhere in the house. 

Now is the time to distract yourself with holiday errands. Don't think about it!

Have a night out with family or friends, do some holiday shopping, back some cookies. Do whatever you have to do to take your mind off the fact that you're about to be engaged.


Now that you know she's going to propose, you have this insatiable urge to talk about weddings, dresses, even future babies and family. 

Resist the urge!

If these aren't topics of discussion normally, don't bring them up now. 

The Dream

You have an engagement dream...a moment you've been holding on to since you were a child.

Your partner also has a plan...maybe well-played out, maybe rehearsed, maybe not. Either way, this will be one of the most memorable moments of your entire life. You'll tell your friends, family, even future children about this moment. 

Cherish this moment, even if it doesn't go as you've always dreamed.

Just Go With It....Maybe

I'll be honest, sometimes the most memorable proposals are the ones that do not go as planned. Maybe you had an argument at the restaurant and as you walk up to your apartment, on the third story, no one speaking...until she sees the ring inside.

If your partner is going to propose, and you're out on the town or having a quiet night at home, just go with it. 

Good Luck

Finally, everyone here at Val Vista Lakes wants to say congratulations and good luck! We can't wait to see you two!