When it comes to wedding themes and choosing a wedding venue in Arizona, you have a wide array of options. From a desert themed wedding to something that incorporates a more colorful theme, the options against this stunning natural landscape are virtually endless.

However, what happens when you decide that you want a sports-themed affair? In particular, what is the best way to have an Arizona Diamondbacks-themed wedding without looking overdone or cliché?

Baseball season has just started, the Diamondbacks are off to a great start, and we have a lot of hometown fans here in Gilbert.

If, as a couple, you decide to take on a theme like this one, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the affair still looks fabulous and takes seriously the sanctity of marriage, which is the core reason for the celebration in the first place...

To start, don’t make the entire wedding, including all aspects of your Arizona wedding venues, about the team. The best way to make the wedding classy, but devoted to your Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team is to utilize touches here and there that represent your love for the sport as well as your devotion to the team. In other words, Diamondback jerseys on your bridesmaids? No. Diamondback napkins and cutesy-pie trinkets on the tables at your reception? Yes. This is a good way to make the most of one of your Arizona wedding venues while relying on the theme to make it interesting.

You can also incorporate the colors of the team into your day and then accent with memorabilia here and there. For example, you can do the team’s color theme on your cake and then do an emblem of the team logo on the top of the cake with your names going around the logo. You can even incorporate the entire baseball theme into your reception, though you would want to think twice about doing for your wedding, since that is the more serious occasion without much of a theme to that part of the ceremony.

When you are choosing among the Arizona wedding venues, keep the Diamondbacks theme in mind. You don’t want to choose a super serious venue only to find that it isn’t fitting with your theme and it makes the whole incorporate of baseball and the Diamondbacks seem out of place. You might also want to spell out the theme and why you choose it in your wedding program, so that people understand the significance of including the Diamondbacks in your theme and what it means to you as a couple.