Weddings can be expensive. It's not a surprise to anyone that the average cost for a wedding was between $20,000 and $35,000, and that was in 2017. So, today I wanted to share some ideas on how to save money on your wedding.

While Val Vista Lakes has great rates, and some of the most unique wedding scenery and backdrops in valley, it can still help to learn some money-saving tips. 

Let's dive in....

1. Get Married During the Week...

Getting married on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday can add thousands to your wedding budget.

2. Get Married During the Off-Season...

Here in Arizona, the off-season runs during the hottest time of the year. Usually, June through August are considered "off-season," simply because it's too hot outside. But, that doesn't mean you can't make it happen. Getting married during the off-season can save on your budget.

3. Have Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Place

Here at Val Vista Lakes, you can have your wedding next to a cascading waterfall, walk on the beach, and party the night away in a Tuscan-inspired hall. Find a venue where you can combine the ceremony and reception and you'll save on your wedding budget. 

4. Don't Have an Open Bar

I know, everyone wants an open bar at a wedding, but not everyone can afford an open bar. Let's face it; they're expensive. Consider having wine and beer for your guests, and let them pay for liquor. 

5. Choose a Venue That Doesn't Need Much Decor or Flowers

You'l be hard pressed to find another venue in the valley that looks as amazing without a bunch of decorations. With a cascading waterfall, beachfront property, a lake, a boat, a gazebo among flowers, and a beautifully (recently remodeled) hall, you won't have to do much decorating, which will save your wedding budget. 

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