Planning a wedding with a limited budget can be tough, but it can also be incredibly satisfying. Knowing where to find the best deals, get the best bang for your buck, and being able to stick to that predetermined wedding budget is a huge accomplishment.

This is going to be the greatest day of your life, right here in Gilbert, Arizona, and no matter what your budget is we have the tips and advice to make it amazing.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the ideas that we’ve seen over the years…

Ways that Gilbert wedding couples have saved, areas where they have cut back in order to spend more on what matters.

But before I do that, I want to talk a bit about Val Vista Lakes, and why choosing our venue will help you stay within your wedding budget.

Our Gilbert Wedding Venue...with a beach

Val Vista Lakes is the only wedding venue in Arizona with beach-front property. Our Gilbert wedding couples actually can stand with their toes in the sand and have their photographers snap some of the most amazing, beautiful photos you’ll ever see in Arizona.

A wedding here at Val Vista Lakes, in Gilbert, is like nowhere else in Arizona. With a beach, a cascading waterfall, amazing landscaping and a beautiful gazebo on a’d think this wedding venue was far outside of your budget.

In fact, our wedding venue prices are at or below our competition...for all the amenities...including the beach.

A good amount of our wedding couples love the idea of standing on the beach in Southern California saying their “I Do’s.” But because of budgeting and family, a local wedding is the way to go.

Here at Val Vista Lakes, you can have that ‘California beach’ feel, but right here in Gilbert!

Check out our pricing:

3 Ways to Save Money

Officiants: You want your officiant to be experienced, compassionate, charismatic and able to think on their toes. Should something go awry, should something not stick to the plan, your officiant needs to be able to roll with the punches and bring everything together as you stand there in front of your friends and family, ready to say your “I Do’s.”

But, you can save a bit of your wedding budget if you were to take a risk and ask a friend to officiate. With officiant licenses easy to come 15 minutes online anyone can get an officiant license...having a friend do it would cost you nothing.

If you have someone you trust to basically run the entire show...someone who can turn your Gilbert wedding into a complete success...who can share personal stories, bring a personalized touch to your big day while at the same time handling anything that might not go as can save a bit of your wedding budget for other expenses.

Music: This is a wedding budget tip that is quite common, but you have to decide if it’s worth it for your Gilbert wedding. Putting together the wedding music can be time consuming, but also a lot of fun. If you can take the time to put together the wedding music, considering all aspects of the wedding from appetizers to dinner, dancing to cake cutting, traditional mom and dad dances and everything in between, you won’t need a DJ.

Have a friend be in charge of simply playing the music and announcing the wedding party. While DJ’s come with a lot of experience and basically run the show during the reception, if you have already picked the music and have someone you trust completely, this will help you save on your wedding budget.

Get Crafty: If you can tap into your crafty side, this is the best time to do it. Tap into every art class you ever took, every Pinterest Pin you ever saw, every Etsy inspiration you’ve ever had, and use it to save on your wedding budget.

We’ve got some great blogs here on our Val Vista Lakes website that you can use to find crafty ways to save money. But you should also have a Pinterest Board...a few of well as magazines and online resources to pull inspiration from.

Your Gilbert wedding will be amazing! So, whether your wedding budget is large or small, there are a ton of ideas out there to make your day extra special.