The engagement party is the pre-wedding celebration that essentially allows everyone to come together, meet, shake hands, let loose and just have a great time.

The engagement party marks the beginning of the wedding planning process, and it's a great opportunity to let friends and family in on the entire process. This is where everyone will get to know not only each other, but the theme of your wedding and the expectations that you have for your big day.

The engagement party use to be all about the father of the bride introducing his daughter, announcing the engagement, and getting to know the in-laws a bit better. These days, engagement announcements are made online, on social media, via text messages...and so the engagement party has moved from the very traditional announcement of an engagement, to more of a celebration of that engagement and a party where everyone can get together and get to know each other.

Who Hosts the Engagement Party?

There was a time when the father and family of the bride hosted the engagement party, becuase it was the official announcement. These days, you and your partner need to come together to decide who will host, who will pay, and who will be in charge.

In most cases, these days the families tend to split the cost and the engagement party is held at a neutral location, such as a restaurant or right here at Val Vista Lakes!

When Is The Engagement Party?

I personally like to see the engagement party just a few weeks after the engagement. You're excited about the engagement. You want to show off the ring. So get that party started!

Who Comes to the Engagement Party?

The only rule that should be followed with the engagement party is that you should not invite anyone to the engagement party that you aren't inviting to the wedding. So, simply said, if you don't want them at the wedding, they shouldn't be at the engagement party.

Other than that, the engagement party should include all of your friends and family! Anyone that you want to celebrate your big day with you should be there!

Who Brings Gifts?

Honestly, you don't need to require anyone to bring gifts to this engagement party. It should be casual and fun. Gifts will be brought to the wedding itself, as well as the bridal shower and even your bachlorrete party, so it's best not to require gifts for your engagement part as well.

That's it!! Your engagement party will be amazing!!