I realized today that we spend a great deal of time offering wedding planning tips, venue advice, and theme ideas, but I don't think we've ever touched on  how to organize all of that planning and all of the tips that we offer!

I apologize for that! I mean, we've been providing Gilbert, Arizona with wedding tips on our blog since we launched the blog back in 2011!

So, today I offer you a way to organize all of these tips and wedding ideas...

Organizing the Wedding Planning

Planning a wedidng has many, many elements. From the cake to the venue, the bridesmaids to the seating, the colors to the flowers....and that's just the start. 

Planning a Gilbert wedding is no different than running a business...or cordinating the launch of a startup. I mean, you really should be able to add this type of planning to your resume, it's that intense...especially if everything goes off without a hitch.

So, here we go...

1. Grab a Binder

We're taking it old school with a trapper keeper. Seriously, though, a binder is the best way to organize your wedding planning. 

You're going to need a big binder, probably one that is at least an inch or thicker. This is where you're going to put all of your ideas, quotes, photos, magazine cutouts, fabric clippings, and anything else. 

Think of it as a Pinterest board...but tangible.

2. Grab Dividers

Use as many dividers as you need to separate the wedding binder by:

  • Important
  • Budget
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Guests
  • Attire
  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Rehearsal
  • Miscellaneous

And then you'll beak those sections down even more by things like cakes, flowers, wedding dress, bridesmaids dress, tux, food, appetizers, decor, theme ideas, colors, and anything else that you want to put in.

3. Cut-and-Paste

Here is where the fun starts! Cut-and-paste anything that you see in magazines. Take notes!

Print out our blog!! Highlight any tips that you find helpful. In fact, print out anything that you find on Pinterest, after you pin it to your board!

Look, I love planning everything digitally, but there is just something about holding the magazine in your hand, or organizing everything in a tangible way, that truly does help you decide what you want to do with your wedding.