Let’s talk family. When it comes to your Arizona wedding, family always comes into the picture. Actually, they usually come barging into the picture. So, how do you tell the mother-of-the-bride or the mother-of-the-groom to give you some room to breathe? It can be rough when you’re under stress, and your partner is under stress, and then moms and aunts and grandmas are all staking their claim on your wedding day.

How to deal with the in-laws: Hopefully you have spent plenty of time with the in-laws before you said “yes” so that you know what to expect from the other side of the family. If they all live in Arizona, well then that leaves plenty of help for you and plenty of ideas to be tossed around. However, it also means they might step on some toes while making wedding suggestions. The best thing that you can do to keep the in-laws happy is give them something to do.

Keeping the in-laws busy with details is a great way to get your own wedding work done, but also make them feel involved. Perhaps hand over renting the limo, or taking care of parking, or something that you are willing to give up responsibility for. Your Arizona wedding at Val Vista Lakes is all about you, however it will definitely help to ease some tension if you allow the in-laws to feel like part of the process.

How to deal with mom, sisters, and dad: While dad might only be worried about how much all of this is costing, or whether your groom or partner has the right job to take care of you after the big day, mom might start to become a handful in the planning stages. If your side of the family lives in Arizona as well, then you should feel it is a blessing to have so many helping hands around while you’re planning your wedding.

Mom will probably want to be in on every decision made, every color chosen, and every food tasted. It’s as much a big day for her as it is for you….maybe even bigger in some cases. Your Arizona wedding is about you; however, you’re mom things it’s about her too. So, let mom get involved, but make sure that you give her boundaries. She’ll probably have some really great ideas and money saving tips, so take it all in.

When it comes down to that moment where you look into each other’s eyes under an painted Arizona sunset and say “I do,” your mom will be so extremely proud and happy that she was able to help make the whole day possible.

If you have questions about how to handle the overwhelming task of planning your wedding, contact us at Val Vista Lakes and we’ll give you some pointers and local vendors to make the process run a lot smoother. Visithttp://www.ValVistaLakes.org for more information.