Wedding season in the Spring is here again! Ok, it's technically still winter, but it's beautiful outside!! And, here in Gilbert, Arizona, summer sneaks up before you know let's enjoy this season now!

Spring in Arizona provides an impressive backdrop for a wedding theme. Getting married is a problem and getting a theme for your wedding venue that will impress your guests can be overwhelming. Using a ‘traditional’ theme can be an awesome opportunity to let those creative juices flow.


The colors for your themed wedding can be chosen based on that traditional time of the year. For example, for the holiday season, your wedding venue can be swathed in colors that are predominantly white and red and other shades of red like pink, purple, Fuchsia, etc.


Flowers are indispensable during weddings. Because they provide an elegant way to lighten up the wedding venue and also because of the sweet-smelling fragrances they offer, that creates a unique aura in the wedding venue. Your flower selection can be based on the dominant colors during that traditional time of the year. Say for example in Spring season you can go with red Poinsettia, Green Ivy, red Christmas Roses, Fresh White Freesias, festive Tulips, Pink Hyacinth, Red Amaryllis and snowy White Chrysanthemums. These are guaranteed to give the wedding venue vibrant colors that excite your wedding guests.


Hmmm, cakes! Everybody loves cakes. Cake designers have advanced in the creativity that it is sometimes a shame that they have to be eaten. Your cake designer can pick colors based on the traditional time of the year to create exquisite cakes that wow your guests and lighten the wedding venue. For example, a three-tiered cake that has a white base with stripes of different shades of red. The middle tier can be Pink or Fuchsia, and a creamy top layer topped with some red decorations.

Food and Drink

What’s a wedding without food and drinks? Let’s face it, most of your guests will be there for the free food and booze. This is by far one of the highest criteria used to judge the success of a wedding and having more than enough food and drinks flowing in your wedding venue automatically makes your wedding successful. Red and white wine compliments our chosen traditional time of the year perfectly. Food can be picked to also reflect this great theme.


Table settings and seating arrangements can also be exploited to enhance the traditional time of the year. The table and chairs can be decorated with table covers that match the predominant colors of the season. For the season, having with or cream colored table covers with red, pink or purple sashes can create that classy effect.