Yes, you can still have the best of both worlds – your traditional wedding with a Halloween twist. Think beyond the Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts and bloody zombies and imagine a wedding with beautiful, bold colors and homemade candy treat bags. The possibilities are endless, and with the priceless waterfall backdrop here at Val Vista Lakes, your dream Halloween wedding can become a reality.

Halloween Ideas
Let’s take a step back from the scary, spooky and childish Halloween themes and jump into elegant, sophisticated tweaks to your Halloween-themed wedding. How can you pull some of the most beautiful and enchanting aspects of Halloween into your wedding? I’ll show you:

The Dress – Some of the most amazing, beautiful and enchanting wedding dresses that I’ve ever seen here in Gilbert were Halloween-themed. With some imagination and fearlessness, that wedding dress will be the one thing your guests will be talking about for years to come. There are so many different ways you could go, including gothic, traditional white, lacey and black, Day of the Dead and so much more. Think Cruella Deville meets Alice in Wonderland with a sophisticated twist.

The Tux – The groom can have just as much fun selecting a tux straight out of the Haunted Mansion, or perhaps something a bit more extreme like that of Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Colors – Of course there’s the traditional orange and black, but you can also go purple, red, yellow, green, and integrate silver and gold to add some extra pop.

The Décor - There are so many possibilities to decorate your wedding at Val Vista Lakes, it really depends on the entirety of your theme. Yes, you can appropriately include those traditional Halloween decorations such as pumpkins and skeletons, but use a more creative, elegant design. 

If you’re working on the finishing touches of your October Val Vista Lakes wedding, let us know what we can do to help!