Have you ever thought about having a themed wedding? perhaps you have a favorite tv show, or movie, or song, that you'd like to theme your entire wedding around. A few years back, Mad Men was the biggest wedding theme we'd seen in a very long time. Today, there aren't many movies or TV shows that are making as big of a splash in our wedding venue...

However, with a big Game of Thrones actor/actress wedding that recently occurred, I thought it might be interesting to see how your Game of Thrones themed wedding might look.

Animals: So, you might not be able to get a dragon at your Game of Thrones Gilbert wedding, but allowing your pets to be a part of the big day could amplify the theme.


Jewelry: There's nothing that screams Game of Thrones wedding like jewelry from the movie...or, at least, that looks like it came straight from the movie.


Hair: Celtic knots and long, elegant hairstyles are also a favorite of Game of Thrones themed weddings. 


Accessories: You can't have a Game of Throne wedding here in Gilbert, AZ without a little flair...


Presentation: And, sometimes, it's just all about the presentation...


Don't forget, you'll need to find a Gilbert venue with luscious greenery to compliment the natural, Game of Thrones theme. You might also want a cascading waterfall to give it that final touch. Oh, and Val Vista Lakes has all of that!

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