Let’s face the facts; not every wedding is going to be your first, and not every dress is going to be white. In fact, not every wedding is just about the bride and groom. More and more we are seeing families and children taking vows together, adding a greater meaning to the wedding. Here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, we’ve hosted weddings for families of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities. But no matter how you celebrate your big day, the one thing they all have in common is enormous love.

When children are involved in the wedding, an entirely new and different atmosphere sets in. The wedding is no longer about just you and your partner, but about the family, the kids, and the love and commitment that every single person involved has for one another.

Do you have kids? Are you currently planning your wedding? Want to get the kids involved? Well, like Angelina Jolie found an incredibly creative, and unique, way to incorporate her and Brad’s children into their wedding, we’ve got some emotional ways to make sure your kids are included in your big day.

Get the Kids Involved
While you might not have the money to order a custom-made wedding dress with artwork from you kids on it like Angelina wore at her wedding, you do still want to make sure the kids know how important their involvement is.

  • Vows – Of course, there’s always the ability to add special vows for you, your partner and your kids. You can make promises to your partner’s children, or he can make promises to your kids. There’s nothing better then standing in the Arizona sun, saying “I Do” with your most treasured gifts, your kids, standing right beside you.
  • The Planning – If two families are about to become one, where children from different families are about to blend into one harmonious union, a great way to get the kids working together is to let them in on some creative planning. Consider allowing the kids to help with décor, centerpieces, wedding favors and more. With the kids working together and living in the excitement that you’re living, they will become just as much a part of the wedding as you’ll want them to be.
  • Photography – If you have a little photographer in your family, give them the opportunity to do what they love; take photos of the wedding. Your little one will feel like a million bucks if you hand them a kid’s camera or disposable camera and ask them to be the official Gilbert, AZ Val Vista Lakes wedding photographer!
  • Ushers – If the children are old enough, a great way to get them involved is to have them usher guests to their seats. Not only is this a timeless tradition, it’s adorable and will make for some memorable photos.
  • Sand Ceremony ¬– The sand ceremony is still fairly popular here in Gilbert, Arizona, and another great way to make the kids feel a part of your wedding. Elect to have the children from both families add their own sand to the vase, with perhaps some words or vows as they do.

Weddings are overwhelming, emotional and exhausting, and that’s just how you feel. Imagine how the kids feel on this extremely daunting day, in front of perhaps hundreds of people, watching their parent’s laugh and cry. It’s a lot to take in for little ones, so be well aware that the kids will need some extra attention on your wedding day. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, consider having a dedicated person from your family tend to the kids during the ceremony and reception so that you can enjoy your wedding and not stress about your little ones