Trust your photographer!

Seriously, if you want those amazing sunset photos, where the glittering sun rays peek just beyond the trees and seem to cast an aura of love around you and your partner…

Trust that your wedding photographer knows that he or she is doing.

But, if you are doing wedding photos DIY, or if you have a friend taking the photos who ‘claims’ to be a great photographer, there are a few tips that we can provide to ensure that you get those amazing sunset wedding photos:

5 Tips for Sunset Photos
To be honest, I’m not a wedding photographer...I’m more of a venue coordinator. However, after hosting thousands of weddings here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, you pick a few things up, like…

When to Use Flash: When snapping a sunset wedding photo, take the flash down a notch if you can. The best flash for sunset photos is actually off-camera lighting….spotlighting from another angle so as only to lighten the subject but not flush out the sunset background.

Setting the Exposure: You’ll want to adjust the camera exposure so the subjects don’t get lost in the shadows, and the sunset doesn’t get lost in the background. You need to correctly expose the wedding couple and overexpose the beautiful background.

Setting the Aperture: Keep your aperture wide open.

Use a Tripod: The best thing that you can do as a DIY photographer is to use a tripod, especially when preparing for a sunset photo. Set everything up with the tripod and make all the adjustments that you need before the couple is ready.

Take as many photos as needed with test subjects to make sure you're not testing this out on the wedding couple.

Find the Perfect Spot: Here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, finding that perfect spot to snap that perfect sunset photo is easy! We’ve got a million hidden gems throughout the property that make for some of the most unique sunset wedding photos you’ll find in all of Arizona.

You’ll want to find a spot where the sunset is not overbearing, but creeps through the trees or from behind the waterfall.

There, now that you have the DIY tips for great sunset photos, have at it. But, let me warn you, no sunset photo that you take will compare to what a wedding photographer, a true professional, can create for you!