How do you pick your Arizona wedding colors? It’s tough to know what colors to chose, how to match up your favorites, and how to tie everything together seamlessly.

Once you have that ring on your finger and you’ve picked a wedding date, you should probably start thinking about themes and colors.

We’ve talked about the importance of having a wedding theme before, but when it comes to picking your wedding colors having a theme will help you tremendously!

For example, if you’re thinking romance as a wedding theme, you might want to go with red as an accent color.

If your Arizona wedding theme is more fun and festival based, you might want to go with yellows.

If you want to create a relaxing, vacation-like setting you might want to go with blues.

Do you want to draw in the colors from around you, your wedding venue or your hometown? If you’re getting married here in Florida and love everything about the state, reds, yellows, even oranges might be some of your accent colors. Picking out your color scheme should be easier once you have your general theme in mind. 

Nearly every aspect of the wedding hinges on what theme and color scheme you’re going to use.

I mean, think about it; you can’t talk to a florist without knowing your colors, can’t select bridesmaids’ dresses, table linen, or even your wedding cake. It truly is the first and greatest decision you’ll have to make when planning your wedding.

In many cases, you probably had your wedding colors picked out since you were a child. You envisioned your bridesmaids walking down the aisle in a splash of this color or that, so deciding on the perfect color scheme is no problem.

Maybe you have a favorite primary color that you absolutely must use, but you’re not sure about the other, complimentary colors. And how many colors should you include?

Sometimes the best thing to do when picking out your Arizona wedding color scheme is to flip through some magazines…any magazines. Take a look at some home and garden magazines, some creative cooking magazines, and yes even some wedding magazines.

Inspiration for color can come from anywhere, a favorite food or favorite getaway spot.

Does an image of an office with strong oak accents and traditional feel look right to you? Or are you more drawn to the colors in a perfectly prepared pasta dish with some splashed of cream, red and green? Do you imagine your dream home with antiques that you can pass down to your children or is it more modern with blues and grays?

Use your imagination with the colors you love, be creative and anything is possible.