If you are the type that likes expressing yourself, then you won’t accept anything less than a perfectly personalized wedding reception on your wedding day. One thing both the groom and bride tend to put more focus on are their custom-fitted wedding gowns and suit, forgetting that their reception should also be custom-suited too. Choosing between an indoor and outdoor venue is one of the most significant decisions a couple has to make. Different venues can fit everyone budget, regardless of your style, budget or the size of your guest list. Regardless, it is advisable that you choose a venue that is functional and expresses your personality. If you are still unsure of which to choose when considering the options below, it is a great way to start in your search for the perfect reception site.

•    The Weather

When looking for the ideal venue for your wedding, one thing you should consider is the timing. If you are having your wedding in Arizona during the summer, then you will need to think about the heat when you choose an outdoor reception. While taking your reception indoor during the cold months is also a safe bet; so, make your decision depending on the time of the year and don’t make decisions you will regret later on.

•    Budget

Arizona summer heat is so hot that you will likely move your outdoor wedding reception indoor when the weather turns nasty. This will not only ruin your plans but also increase your expenses. So, if you're thinking of an outside venue, then have a plan ‘B’ just in case it rains. However, note that this will come with an additional expenditure, so it advisable that you go for an indoor venue if your budget does not allow you to have an alternative.

•    Theme

The first thing you need to be sure of before you even start looking for a reception site is your wedding theme. Sit your fiancé down and discuss them with them, and don’t also forget to express it through décor.

•    Style

Are you looking for two distinct spaces or a single location to hold both the ceremony and reception? Whatever you decide on, remember that this will determine to dictate the mood of the entire day.