Before the couple can tie the knot, everyone, including the couple and guests must arrive at the location. But, how do you get people to the venue, especially during the winter period? Unless you all plan to trek down to the location, then its time to work out some wedding transportation tips.

1.    Determine your needs

The first thing you need to do is to map out your needs as a couple before you start making transportation plan. Everything you are planning should be around the ceremony, and once you set the ceremony, you can then arrange the rest of the day around that time. Do your research on how long it will take to travel from the ceremony to the reception area and budget enough time before the entertainment, putting in mind the traffic, photos and other things that might take time. You can then figure out exactly which types of transportation you will need once you have set the timing because you do not want anyone including you to feel rushed.

2.    Book personal transportation first

When planning on how to move your guest makes sure you make your transportation your top priority. This should be done, very early, like five and seven months in advance of the wedding since your wedding will be around the holiday season. Also, remember that unless the bride-to-be plans to be seen by her groom, you will need separate transportation to the venue.

3.    Explore your personality

Your wedding day is a great day, and you have to make it one by utilising the many options you have around you.  You can opt for a VW bus or a retro roadster if a limousine doesn’t add the spark of creativity that you desire. You should not feel penned in by tradition especially when you have other things that will make you happy in mind, and your budget allows it.

4.    Have your getaway car ready

Since you will be arriving to arrive at the wedding and reception in style, then you should also make you're going home great as well. You need to plan and arrange for a ride home with friends or family or take your vehicles or cabs home afterwards.

5.    Consider others’ needs

Just as we stated earlier on, you need to keep your guest in mind. So, have taxi or ridesharing services available for those who may not be able to drive after the party due to the weather or other reasons. The fact that you can arrange for transportation as a courtesy to others doesn't mean you need to make arrangements for everyone.