With so many colors from which to choose how to you narrow down what colors you will have in your wedding bouquet, the bridal party dresses and tuxedo colors, and the color themes at your wedding venues in Arizona? The best place to start is by determining what colors both you and your fiance like then starting to build color themes from there. 

Once you have your favorite colors you can start to build a color theme for your big day, keeping in mind that you don’t want to use more than three main colors. Using light and dark shades of the same color family will provide a rich, complementary look and feel for your wedding day. Look online or ask your florist or wedding planner if they have a color wheel you can use. Color wheels are very helpful when looking to pull together colors for your wedding. 

The color wheel will help you pick a dominant color for the wedding and then builds on the colors from that one dominant choice. The wheel lets you see which colors complement each other so none of the colors appear to have been simply tossed into the mix. White, is always an appropriate and crisp color for any wedding day, but you will likely want to add more color to your wedding day. 

One way to decide on a color theme for the wedding is to take the season into consideration. A summer wedding could be built around your favorite in-season flowers and the colors are typically lighter and more airy. If you’re planning an autumn wedding, the season lends itself to richer, darker jewel-toned color hues. 

If you’re simply stumped as to where to even begin putting together your color themes, we offer a seasonal color guide to help you: 

• Because spring is considered a time of rebirth and renewal, think of lighter, pastel colors. Shades of yellow, green and pink are popular in the spring. If you want something more enticing than pastels, consider vibrant shades of the yellows, greens and pinks – hot pink, chartreuse, goldenrod, etc. Balance the brighter colors with the more muted pastels for a beautiful color balance. 

• Mix baby pink flowers and tiny clusters of flowers along with a brighter green to represent the summer season. If you’re having an evening wedding use deeper hued shades of the summer colors such as dark pink or fuschia and pastel melon or pastel blues. 

• White and ivory along with pale blues or deep pinks add a classy touch to the wedding day. 

• Along with summer comes bold colors to signify plants in full bloom. You can use teals, dark yellows, magenta or even emerald greens to make your wedding colors pop. 

• Consider adding citrus colors in lime greens, fresh orange, pink grapefruit or vivid reds as a complementary color to your other choices. Use the color wheel to make certain they complement rather than clash. 

• A fall-centered wedding brings with it oranges, deep yellows, reds, and browns – these colors range on the color wheel from pumpkins, mochas, off-white, sage, rust and wheat tones. You need to determine whether you’re looking for a muted seasonal color or a vibrant theme. 

• Winter weddings in Arizona don’t mean you need to choose only from icy, metallic colors. Rich jewel tones and pale blues, champagne and even black and emerald greens and brocade patterns add class and style to your wedding day. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to planning your wedding colors. Work with the wedding planner at your wedding venues in Arizona to come up with opulent hues that will make your wedding a day to remember.