You love the idea of getting all of your wedding guests involved in your wedding, but fear the idea of inappropriate photos making it to your Facebook Page. We’ve got the solutions:

1. Facebook: Of course, if you don’t offer any of the wedding apps that we’ll mention here, your guests will tag you in photos shared on Facebook. But, there is something that you can do to keep your co-workers, even boss, from seeing the no doubt embarrassing photos that will end up on your Wall. Change your Privacy Settings so that all photos tagged with your name must be approved by you before going on to your Wall. This means that no matter how many wedding photos are taken, if your friends tag you in the photo you will have to approve that photo before any of your Facebook connections will see it.

Of course, we suggest asking each and every guest to NOT use the common social media platforms to post photos, but to use the ones provided below.

2. Wedding Snap: This wedding app is easy to download, free, and gives you complete control over the photos taken at your wedding. Guests will snap as many photos as they’d like, and those photos can be uploaded directly into the app with your specific wedding album. Boom, you have complete control.

3. GuestShots: This app is free, and allows for the guests, and the wedding party, to purchase any photos they’d like directly from the app. The wedding couple can even directly copy all photo to their own Facebook wedding album, once again giving control to the couple.

4. WedSocial: This app literally has everything you need to have the perfect Gilbert wedding. From directions to the venue using Google Maps to information about your wedding party and bio’s for you and your partner, this app provides you and your guests with everything you need. It also allows guests to take and upload wedding photos and gives you the power to do what you wish with those photos.

5. WedPics: Ask your Gilbert wedding party to download WedPics to their mobile phones to upload photos, comment and share those photos. It’s essentially a social media app within a photo app.

6. WedIt: WedIt is one of the only mobile apps that I know of to actually send you 5 HD cameras that you and your guests can use at the wedding! You mail the cameras back to WedIt and they take care of the rest based upon your needs. They’ll make a wedding photo album, wedding book, even full wedding video for you!

Don’t let your guests have control over how your wedding photos are shared. The simplest thing that you can do is to ask each guest to upload your app of choice and have them use only that app.