You’re coming up on the greatest day of your life. That moment when you say ‘I Do,’ and you seal it with a kiss…

Well, it will be one of those days that she will talk about forever, and ever.

She’ll fill everyone in who couldn’t make it. She’ll even fill those in who were there...just because she loves talking about that perfect wedding day in Gilbert.

So, when she’s telling everyone about her wedding day, and how beautiful and fun it was, make sure that she’s also telling everyone how romantic and thoughtful you were.

Maybe you’ve thought about this day once or twice...more since you met her. Maybe you’ve thought about what your best man will say, or what kind of alcohol you’ll want at the open bar. Maybe you’ve thought about what you’re going to say to her in your vows.

But, right now is the time to start thinking about how to make her wedding even more special, more emotional, and more memorable.

Guys, here’s what you can do…

5 Romantic Wedding Ideas
You’re getting married, and you’re probably feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. She can’t possibly love you any more...or can she…

#1 - How about writing her a romantic love letter on the day of your Gilbert wedding? Or course, this can’t be just any love letter that is left in an envelope next to the flowers you had delivered. Nope, this is the love letter that will stay with her forever, and will sneak up on her when she least expects it, because you wrote it on the bottom of her beautiful wedding heels!

Seriously, consider placing a secret love note somewhere she’ll least expect it.

#2 - Send her thoughtful, fun and romantic gifts throughout the entire day leading up to the “I Do’s.” What kind of candy does she love? Send them. What kind of music does she enjoy? Text it to her. What kind of wine does she drink? Have it delivered to her room with roses on the night before the wedding.

Show her how much you truly love her, and how much you really know her, by sending her insightful gifts on and before the big day!

#3 - She might know exactly what the wedding ring is going to look like, because you picked it out together after you proposed. You both went to the Gilbert jeweler together to make sure the wedding ring matched the engagement ring perfectly. But, what she doesn’t know is that you had that wedding ring engraved with your special words….those words that only you two know and say to each other all of the time.

#4 - Go old school with a mixed tape! Seriously, these things still work to flood all kinds of emotions back. But instead of choosing songs that you think are romantic, choose songs that you and her enjoyed together...songs that will bring up memories of a date night, or a birthday party, or that moment on the beach.

#5 - Have something custom made to represent this wedding day in Gilbert. It can be the coffee cup she uses on the morning of the wedding, the yoga mat that she uses at the spa on the day before the wedding, or even the pillow she sleeps on the night before the big day.

Whatever it is, whether fun or romantic, have it personalized to represent this amazing day!