Until recently, the groom and his groomsmen were told what color and style tux to wear and they simply went for a fitting, the rehearsal dinner and showed up at the Arizona wedding ceremony. Today’s Arizona bridegroom will likely want to pay as much attention to his grooming as his bride-to-be does. It’s more in style to be well-groomed than to show up to the wedding looking the same as you do every day of the year.

Many grooms incorporate a day of pampering for not only themselves, but for their groomsmen as well. What could be better the day of your wedding than to gather your groomsmen and head off to the barber for a hot towel and straight razor shave? You likely use your trust disposable or electric razors every day and they’re fine but if you want to experience a truly smooth shave, head to the barber. Keep in mind too, that a straight razor shave is less likely to cause razor burn – you don’t want that on your wedding day – or in your wedding photos.

When it comes to getting your hair cut before your wedding, make certain you schedule it two weeks to 10 days prior to your wedding date. You want your hair to look tidy, but not freshly shorn. Ask your barber or stylist to shape up your eyebrows, and tidy up your ear and nose and neck hair – if this is an issue. If your hairstyle is one that involves a lot of fussing and product, why not schedule an appointment the day of your wedding to have the stylist prep you for your big day; it will be one less thing you have to worry about.

It might seem very metro-sexual to schedule an appointment for a manicure before your wedding but many men who are planning an upcoming Arizona wedding find they want their hands to be well groomed the day of the big event. If you’re a man who works with his hands all the time, your bride will appreciate your showing up for the wedding with cleaned, trimmed and buffed fingernails. Also, having your hands treated and cared for will make them look even better in the photo where you and your bride show off your rings. There are spas that cater specifically to men and their wedding day needs. Schedule a nail treatment a day or two before the wedding.

The last step in your grooming for your wedding, should be to have a facial. Ask your bride to recommend somewhere that you can go – perhaps together – where you can get your skin cleansed, toned and moisturized. Even if your Arizona wedding will be an indoor one, chances are you will be taking advantage of the great weather for photos so make certain you pick up a moisturizer with some sun block.

Chances are, your bride will appreciate the care you’ve taken with your grooming for your big day and with the opportunity for the two of you to take time out of the wedding planning to visit a spa for a relaxing couple’s afternoon.