The old guest book has seen it's last day. Today, wedding couples are looking for a more innovative, creative, fun and unique way to have their guests leave their love in writing...and we've collected some of the most inspiring ideas we could find!


How easy and fun is this!? The best part, you can play the game together on date nights and see what you're friends and family had to write!

A Guest Book

Ok, I know that I said the wedding guest book is dead...but what I meant was the traditional, lined notebook where someone signed their name and date. That is dead. This is alive...

Message In A Bottle

For your beach wedding right here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, how about a message...or a bottle.

Sign The World

If a globe fits into your home decor, it's an amazingly beautiful way to get wedding guest signatures!

Old School Polaroid

I have to say, these new-meets-old Polaroid cameras are my new favorite toy. What a great way to combine the old with the new!

There are so many ideas to add some flare and innovation to the old wedding guest book! Join us on Facebook and let us know what wedding guest book you used!