This morning I witnessed the most spectacular sunrise I've seen in Gilbert, Arizona in a long time. We do have some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the country. I've heard it's the desert dust that drifts along the horizon. We know during monsoon season it's the heavy clouds that sit just upon the mountains that surround the valley. 

Whatever the reason, Arizona has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets in the nation.

So, why not get married under one?


Lighting is a big deal for your Arizona sunset wedding. If you miss the perfect lighting, you're out of luck. You can't ask the sun to have a "do over." 

Trust your photographer. We can't stress that enough. If you've picked someone you genuinely trust, then listen to their direction for those photos with the perfect sunset lighting.

Naturally you’ll want to choose lighting that matches the mood you want to set. For that soft, backyard party glow, Chinese lanterns and string lights are your best and simplest options. If you’re feeling a bit festive, opt for color accent lighting. It’s amazing what a blue or purple tint can do for a sunset reception!


It is important that you give careful consideration to the placement of the altar and the seating arrangement. Obviously, the couple should be positioned to take advantage of the beautiful sunrise or sunset behind them. That said, when the sun is directly behind you, it is very possible that your wedding photos may only show your dark silhouettes with the spectacular sunrise or sunset behind you.

Better photographs can be achieved at a slight angle. You want your guests to be able to see your service, so be sure that they are not in a position that causes the setting sun to shine directly into their eyes. It will be very important to visit the wedding site before your wedding at sunset or sunrise to plan your seating arrangements and the best photo angles. 


Plan on a dress code that is pretty but not very formal for a sunrise ceremony. In a chiffon or lace gown with simple pearl bridal jewelry, the bride would look perfectly lovely. Knee length chiffon dresses with coordinating bridesmaid jewelry sets will suit the attendants. The groom and groomsmen should wear suits; suits in either light gray or tan would be perfect. For a sunset wedding, the dress code can be either formal or casual, whichever you prefer. Allow the location and your personal style to dictate the formality of your wedding.

There is no better wedding venue in all of Arizona for sunrise and sunset weddings than Val Vista Lakes. Here, your sunset wedding will have a beautiful waterfall backdrop as you stand in the sand. We also have lakefront property where the sun paints not only the sky with pinks and oranges, but the lake as well.

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