“The cold never bothered me anyways.” If this is your philosophy and you’re enjoying this much cooler Arizona weather, thinking about your upcoming winter wedding, we have some Frozen ideas that you might be interested in. No, these aren’t childish Disney wedding trends that will turn your Gilbert wedding into a child’s movie. These elegant and glamorous ideas are actually beautifully created for the adult Frozen fan who wants to incorporate a little winter majesty into their upcoming Gilbert wedding.

From the Cake to the Invites
The movie has literally taken kids of all ages, and parents, by storm over the past year since it’s release last November, and for many this movie is more then just for the kids. Some of the more elegant and stylish aspects of the movie have found their way into many winter weddings…

Wedding Dress: The Frozen inspired wedding dress is actually more dramatically beautiful then the image you probably have in your head. Designer Alfred Angelo worked with Disney to create an Elsa-inspired wedding dress that was unveiled at Bridal Fashion Week in New York City in October of this year. The dress included ‘dramatic embellishments faded to single ornaments, meant to mimic freshly fallen snow.’

Invitations: When it comes to your Gilbert wedding invitations, glamour and sophistication with snowflakes and silver are all the rage for winter Frozen weddings. Think subtle blues and silvers, graceful fonts, unique snowflakes and lacey details for these invitations.

The Hair: Elsa has a very unique hairstyle in the movie, but if it’s too unique for your wedding tastes, consider adding some subtle snowflake touches or white and silver, even blue, details.

The Cake: Here’s where you can really go a bit crazy while remaining classy and romantic. Let your cake designer know exactly what theme your wedding is, and that you don’t want anything even remotely childish. This Frozen wedding cake needs to be upscale, unique and breathtaking.