Stress is a part of life, and, unfortunately, it can be a big part of wedding planning. Even if you’re at the best wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona, where the staff can alleviate many of your worries, you will still stress about choosing the right dress, the right colors; wondering if family will get along or if the best man speech will be appropriate. But, there are some small and simple tricks to help ease some stress. Let us walk you through them.

Step Number One to Relieving Wedding Stress – Be Organized

Have a folder strictly for wedding planning. Sure, you might not be the most organized person in many aspects of your daily life, or work life, but trust me – organizing your wedding will make a huge difference. Have the folder separated into categories for the ceremony and reception, and then break those down into music, flowers, colors, themes, etc. The more you break it down, the better you will feel about staying organized.

When your mom calls you at midnight with a burning question about the color of the table cloths, you can lean over and grab that folder that you keep beside your bed for just these circumstances, flip directly to the linens section, and let her know the options.

The Second Step in Relieving Wedding Stress – Have a Support System

Lean on friends and family when times get tough and the wedding planning gets a little overwhelming. Perhaps the “mother-of-the-bride” might not be the best option, considering how nervous and anxious she might be at these times. However, your maid-of-honor or close friends can be a great help when you’re planning your Arizona wedding. Consider lady’s night once a month, or even a date night with your partner to alleviate stress and grow closer as you plan your life together.

Third Step to Relieving Wedding Stress – Let Go

This can be the toughest step for many brides. You don’t have to be a bridezilla and still want to control absolutely every aspect of your Gilbert wedding. When planning your Arizona wedding, sometimes the best thing that you can do is get some help. You can’t be expected to do the entire thing on your own, and even if you have a wedding planner for just the day of the wedding, it will help tremendously.

Don’t be afraid to hand off some responsibilities of your wedding to family and friends.  An Gilbert wedding usually means running all over town to get prices, do tastings, fittings, flowers, and everything else. At Val Vista Lakes we’ll set you up with a list of our preferred vendors who we’ve used in the past. They are extremely professional and trustworthy, and will make you Arizona wedding less about stress and running all over the valley, and more about your perfect day.

Step Four to Relieving Wedding Stress – Give Yourself Time

This one is easy, unless you’re in a rush to run down that alter. Give yourself some time to plan the wedding. A year is usually the traditional time frame, and for good reason – it gives just enough time to get everything done and not kill yourself trying to do it. You might think a year is plenty of time to plan a wedding, but you’d be surprised just how quickly a year can fly by.

Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, and without the right tools you could easily want to drop it all and elope. In fact, many people get so overcome by wedding planning that’s exactly what they do, and they regret it in later years. Take your time, give up some control, have a plan and lean on each other. You’ll get through it!