Keeping the guests happy at your Gilbert wedding shouldn't be your top priority, but it also isn't something you want to put on the back-burner. While your wedding is all about you and your fiance, your guests are also excited to share this enormous day with you, so let's not forget about them...

5 Things Your Guests Won't Care About:

Getting a Program - In most weddings, guests are just happy to be sharing your big day with you. Spending your wedding budget on programs and a detailed list of when things will take place is completely unnecessary. 

The Linens - No one cares more about the linens than you...and maybe the mother of the bride. The linens aren't what your guests will notice about your wedding. So if the linens are not quite the right shade of grey, don't stress about what your wedding guests are going to think.

The First Dance - You are beyond excited, and nervous, about your first dance. It's one of those traditions that you've been waiting for and planning for. Your guests...well, they'll watch for the first few minutes and then fade into their own conversations. The first dance is for mom and dad, the photographer and you. 

Wedding Favors - Too many brides spend far too much time worrying about how impressive their wedding favors will be. Your guests will probably place those wedding favors on a shelf, never to be seen again. 

The Type of Chairs - Do you geek out over Chiavari chairs? Your guests don't. 

5 Things Your Guests Do Care About:

The Ceremony - They want your ceremony to be romantic, tearful, and short and sweet. Guests love wedding ceremonies. Seeing the couple lost in love is an amazing thing. It's no wonder so many people cry at weddings. 

The Food - I think this one goes without saying, but the food does matter at your wedding. While you might not have time to eat much of it, your guests will have plenty of time for appetizers and dinner, so make it count.

The Drinks - And, of course, an open bar is always a plus. If your guests are traveling any distance to be at your wedding, the last thing they want to do is carry cash for a drink.

The Timing - While the ceremony is emotional, and the reception is a blast, it's the inbetween that guests get annoyed with. That space in between the "I Do's" and the "Let's Dance" can be long and boring. They'll love the speeches adn the food, but when you slip from the ceremony to the photo shoot, you'll lose interest from your guests.

Meet and Greets - You guests want to hug you, tell you how much they love you, and wish you congratulations. Make sure you get to their table and greet them, or dance with them, or at least find them to give them a huge, at some point.

Your wedding is all about you and your fiance, but don't forget about your guests!