The first look wedding photo has become a tradition at Val Vista Lakes weddings here in Gilbert, Arizona.

In fact, I think it's pretty much a tradition at any and every wedding you attended in 2015. It's such a great way to grab that moment of emotion and capture it on film.

Today, I offer you some additional ways to grab those precious moments on film by almost manufacturing them...but in a way that is completely genuine and truly pulls at your heart strings.

First Look Bridesmaids

I love the idea of the first look photo, but with the bridesmaids. If your team of bridesmaids has your back and is even more excited about this big day then you are, than you have to go for the first look photo with them. 

Make sure the photographer is ready, and surprise them with your wedding dress. 

Sure, they'll need to help with some of the preparation before you put the dress on, and then, of course, they might need to help with some of the final prep while it's one, but there will be nothing like the look on their faces when they see you in your dress for the first time. 

Capture that moment!

First Look Parents

You absolutely have to get a first look photo with mom and dad. This is the day they've been looking forward to, and simultaniously dreading, since you were now that first look seeing you in your wedding dress will take their breath away.

Capture that moment!

First Look Kids

If you have kids that are as excited about this day as you are, a first look photo with them might just be the topping on the cake. It will absolutely be a moment of emotional overload!

First Look Partner Photos

And then, of course, we can't forget about the first look photos with your partner. These are the ones that will last a lifetime!