Planning a wedding can be a very costly and time-consuming ordeal if you do not know what to do or where to find a wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ – with proper planning based on your needs, you can find a wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ that meets your budget.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ

Do You Want Inside or Outside Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ?

Most venues are indoors, but you can save on hosting a wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ outside. If you are able to host your wedding outdoors, you can get away with using far less decorations and floral arrangements.

How Many Guests Are Coming?

Your guest count will be the biggest factor in determining what size wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ you need. Once you know the absolute maximum number of guests which will be attending your wedding, you can more easily determine the best size wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ for your needs.

Can You Be Flexible?

If you are willing to rent out your wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ during a time outside the “normal”, then you can get better deals on your reservation. Most venues struggle to find bookings during the weekdays or winter months so they offer better deals to fill those spots.

Is the Date Set in Stone?

If no date has been set for sure, it might be wise to let your wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ availability determine the date. Many venues have last minute openings they offer at lower rate and alternatively offer great deals for people who book far in advance (think a year +).

Save Money on Your Wedding Venue in Gilbert, AZ with These Two DIY Decorating Tips

  • Carry Over Your Decorations from the Ceremony to Reception – There’s no rule saying you need to buy a whole new set of décor for your reception! Carry over your flowers, isle runners, and other decorations used at your ceremony and rearrange them for your reception.
  • Consider Alternatives to Flowers – Flower alternatives at your wedding venue in Gilbert, AZ are really hot right now! Many people are completely replacing flowers while others are just using non-floral arrangements as fillers so they can use fewer flowers. Consider using fruit, art, wheat, dried grass, and any combination of things in place of traditional flowers.