Just about every day we sit down with our Arizona wedding couples to discuss plans for the big day. Many times these discussions turn into brainstorming meetings, sharing ideas on how the happy couple can cut overall costs and save money. Inevitably, as we discuss DIY wedding ideas, the question “how do we find the time” always comes up. 

Cutting Costs for Your Arizona Wedding
Cutting costs for your Arizona wedding can be done in many non-DIY ways.

Flowers are an area of every wedding that can go one of two ways. Either it’s over-the-top or just enough. In the case of cutting costs, just enough can be perfectly fine. All you really need is the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. And if you’re having your Arizona wedding here with us at Val Vista Lakes, we have plenty of lush greenery and a wonderful backdrop of flowers by the waterfall to do the trick.

Centerpieces can be purchased at dollar stores if you’re creative enough. Every table does not have to be matching nor have the exact same centerpiece. Think outside of the box on this one, take some time to visit a few different dollar stores, look in wedding magazines to get ideas, and let your imagination run wild. You truly can save a fortune taking this route.

Two wedding dresses should just not even be an option. Many couples who chose to have their wedding in a church and their reception here at Val Vista Lakes have two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. While this was the traditional way to go a few years back, and is still a custom for those with a very large wedding budget, it’s impractical and pricey for the rest of us.

If you’re wedding ceremony is ‘traditional’ but your reception is going to be a bit freer and fun, consider getting a dress that serves both of those purposes. Instead of buying two dresses, consider a bolero or custom made cover-up to go over your shoulders while at the church.

Finding the Time to Cut Costs with DIY
One of the biggest concerns for our wedding couples is time. With work, family, friends, and the normal day-to-day bustle, it’s incredibly hard to find time to plan your wedding, let alone try your hand at the Do-It-Yourself tasks. While DIY weddings can save you thousands, the one drawback is the time it will take to complete the DIY projects. So, how do you find the time?

Schedule yourself the time to complete DIY projects such as the centerpieces, flower arrangements, invitations, and more. Just like with everything else in your life, you need to set your priorities. If cutting costs and saving money is a priority for you and your partner, you have no choice but to schedule the priorities. 

Weekends and evenings might need to be sacrificed in order to plan your DIY wedding, so be prepared for long nights and longer weekends. This is the fun part, though, as you plan your perfect day with your partner. 

Enlist friends and family for your DIY efforts. Cutting costs and going DIY can be time consuming, so call on the help of those around you when you can.

In this economy, it’s truly important to cut wedding costs as much as you can. This means doing a lot of the projects yourself. You can look at this one of two ways; it’s exciting and allowing you and your partner to work more closely on your wedding projects, or it’s stressful and time consuming. Either way, it will save you thousands.