Getting married during the autumn or fall season is one of the most popular times of the year. The reason is not far-fetched; it tends to be cooler and more comfortable during this period. The summer heat is over, and many times it's easy to get family together for one weekend.

When it comes to the trends of this years fall wedding scene, there are some surprising ones. If you are planning to tie the knot with your loved one during this fall take a look at five of the major wedding trends this fall:

•    Floral-laced Lighting

According to DesignLight who is BWG partner, claimed that one of the hottest trends right now is to put add floral material into chandeliers and another lighting source. This will add a custom touch and a great look to the wedding design. You can easily create a cohesive look with this florals as they coordinate with your centerpieces and bouquets. Also before you choose this trend make sure that your chandelier can carry the added weight of the materials.

•    Same-Day Wedding Films

We now live in a world that is very fast, and people want to share moments as it occurs, so the latest trend is to create and edit same day videos of your wedding that can allow guest watch the highlight and share with friends.

•    Mixed and Matched Metal Decor

How about creating an exciting look and feel for your wedding? According to RESERVE Modern Event Rental, many couples are trying it out, and it’s a perfect way for you to make a bohemian-inspired space by incorporating things like gold chandeliers, silver candle holders, copper table vases, and brass to mix and match metals and finishes.

•    Contemporary Ceremony Music

The traditional way is for couples to dance into classical and traditional music but some couples are opting to march down the aisle to the beat of their drum. More popular songs and contemporary styles are being requested, and couples are now hiring professional musicians to help them compose original songs individually.

•    Chocolate cake

Finally, when looking for excellent fall wedding ideas, be sure to think about the wedding cake. A chocolate cake covered with edible leaves would be a lovely dessert idea. Instead of the typical crystal cake cutting set, look for one with a brown or amber colored handle for a special detail.

These are some of the big wedding trends for fall wedding season.