These days, you don't have to simply have your wedding guests sign in a traditional wedding book. In fact, you don't even need to have them sign that old, black and white wedding photo with the white border. 

Fall is a great time to get creative with your wedding guest book, and we've got some great ideas for you.

Tree of Love: I'm a huge fan of the thumbprint idea as leaves on a tree. For a Fall wedding, this is the perfect idea! Choose Fall colors like orange, reds, yellows and browns to have your guests leave their thumbprint as leaves on your tree. You can also have a professional artist make the tree as unique as you'd like it, to represent and symbolize your relationship and marriage. 

Another great tree idea is to have all of your guests sign paper leaf cutouts and place them on the tree. This way, you can have them add a little note or marriage advice to the leaves as well.

Puzzle: A great idea for your Fall wedding is to have a photo of you and your partner made into a puzzle. Each guest will sign a piece of that puzzle as they are all a piece of your marriage!

Pallet Art: Fall is a great time to add some woodworking to your home. Pallet and reclaimed wood art makes a great addition this time of year, and with signatures and advice from your wedding guests, the artwork will always be the most cherished piece in your home.

Actual Trees: Nothing is better in the Fall than sitting beneath a tree, basking in the Arizona breeze. What if that tree was scattered with wedding advice and signatures from those who attended your Fall wedding? A new trend that will pop up this Fall is to have guests sign hearts and ornamental leaves, and then hang them from either an artistic tree to display indoors, or a larger tree to let grow outdoors. 

Whatever you plan on doing for your Fall wedding, here in Gilbert there is no better place to tie the knot then Val Vista Lakes!